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“Eat the cherries and lose the fight,
For love is letting go,
Let things be.”

– Amy Fields


Recently, I have become obsessed with these few lines of poetry. I don’t even know how I came across it and it’s near-impossible to google the poem now; I haven’t found it since!

I think it sums up a lot that I believe in, and although at first it seems a bit sombre, once you read into it, for me at least it’s really inspirational ^_^

My interpretation of these few lines mean that I believe she is telling us to embrace the sweetness in life, and stop fighting against the things that we cannot control (and therefore suppress us). The ‘love’ she talks about, and urges us to let go, is not just referring to romantic love. Love for our friends, family and partners encourages us to let go of the faults in relationships. It could even be that love means we have something worth staying happy for.

And letting be? Well we can’t control the world – it never has and never will spin around us. We must let some things in life be; accept that they are there and move on, or move around. And that’s the beauty of it.

Sometimes, defeat is the true bravery 🙂